Additional Links to Visit - Ocala Florida

Here are some additional websites that would be helpful to visit!

OPPG - Office of PublicProfessional Guardians
-Responsible for registration of Florida's Professional Guardians
-Appoints local public guardian offices to handle indigent wards
Visit OPPG

CE Broker
-Source for all continuing education informaton.. courses, training etc
Visit CE Broker

NGA - National Guardianship Association
-Provides national training and networking opportunities
-Promotes national ethics and standards of excellence.
Visit NGA

CGC - Center for Guardianship Certification
-Issues NCG designation for successful completion of the Guardianship Competency Exam.
Visit CGC

FSGA Florida State Guardianship Assocation
-Statewide Organization of Guardians, Attorneys, and Support Service personnel involved in guardianship.
-Provides education, legislative advocacy, liaison with other legal and professional organizations and issue communication with members.
Visit FSGA

Fifth District Court Clerk
-Source of local rules and reporting requirements
Visit FDCC

Florida State Website
-Entry Point for all kinds of information about Florida.
Visit Florida State Website

Personal/Business Information Input Form
-Sign-Up Here to Have your bio on the HOF website
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United Way of Marion County 2-1-1 Program
-By dialing "2-1-1" you will speak with a representative who can help with information about social resources available in our area - housing, child care, etc.
Sign Up Here

Memory loss. This is usually the earliest and most noticeable symptom. Trouble recalling recent events or recognizing people and places. Trouble finding the right words. Problems planning and carrying out tasks, such as balancing a checkbook, following a recipe, or writing a letter. Trouble exercising judgment, such as knowing what to do in an emergency. Trouble controlling moods or behaviors. Depression is common, and agitation or aggression may occur. Not keeping up personal care such as grooming or bathing.