Jim Haskins, Sr.

Jim Haskins, Sr.

My name is Jim Haskins, Sr., I am the president and owner of two local businesses, CareProtector and Touching Hearts at Home.

CareProtector delivers Guardianship services and Touching Hearts at Home provides in home, non-medical care services focused on supporting the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living.

I've lived in the Ocala, Marion County area all of my life; it is a great place to call home.I have always had the goal of returning something positive to the community that gave me so much during my formative years. To this end I became a Certified Professional Guardian in 2005, this has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

A successful technology career took me away from home traveling extensively. As a business development executive and consultant I had the opportunity to work with many great and accomplished business leaders. They taught me that there has to be a balance in life relating to all things business and personal.

After retirement it became my goal to fulfill a life's dream of helping people of all ages to live independent, active and fulfilling lives for as long as possible.

There are two separate and distinct areas that I and my team can offer help. The first is Guardianship services which are delivered by myself via CareProtector, Inc. and the second is in-home care services which are delivered by myTouching Hearts at Home team.

In both endeavors we are registered with the appropriate state agencies and are bonded as well as insured.

We offer a variety of personal services aimed at supporting the day-to-day activities that can be so overwhelming at times. These services are not necessarily dictated by age but more a result of life's challenges that just seem to happen.

Please call on me at any time; I can be reached at (352) 317-6588 or by email at jhaskins5@yahoo.com.