Olivia Baird - Professional Guardian - Ocala Florida

‚ÄčOlivia Baird - Professional Guardian
Olivia loves being a guardian.  She is calm under pressure, gentle, loving, caring, employees great discernment but can also be "tough as nails" when dealing with dysfunctional families.  Her primary goal is what is best for her ward.  Olivia has a Master's Degree in Social Work and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with her concentration being in Gerontology.  She views being a Guardian as her second calling with her first serving her country for over 23 years in the Air Force in the Intelligence Career and First Sergeant duties. Olivia is a Florida Native, has served families all over the world and been a Registered Guardian in Florida for over 11 years.  She also serves as an Examining Committee member for Marion County.  I can be reached at 352-789-9750 or e-mailed at ocbfamily@hotmail.com.